Water Testing

Think Water Darwin offer water testing and analysis services for all water needs and issues. Some of our most commonly requested services include:

  • Testing ambient water quality for factors that may affect its ability to support an aquatic ecosystem
  • Testing raw water quality for factors like salinity, turbidity, mineral contents and whether it is hard or soft water to see if it is fit for drinking
  • Testing waste water prior to and post treatment
  • Testing “finished” water quality for bacteria


If you suspect that the water you use for domestic or commercial purposes may not be of satisfactory quality look for the following tell-tale signs:

  • Poor yield of plants and crops
  • Dying, yellowed plants
  • Deterioration of soil structure from soft and crumbly to hard and lumpy
    Reddish stains
  • Iron build up in pumps, pipes and irrigation systems
  • Poor performance and lathering of soaps or detergents
  • Poor wetting action and water penetration of soil
  • White-grey build up in pipes or appliances


Be wary of anything unusual occurring within your water-using appliances, garden or irrigation. Often this can be a sign that your water is of sub-par quality.

Think Water Darwin can help you address this issue and ensure you have clean and quality water in your home or workplace.