Think Water trials new Grundfos innovation!

Think Water Darwin first discovered the DAB E.sybox upon visiting the Grundfos pump factory in Queensland. The exciting new innovation had just arrived from Italy and the Grundfos team was eagerly testing its capabilities. They had placed the DAB E.sybox into a drum of water that had been heated to 80 degrees Celsius in an effort to see how the pump would withstand an extremely humid environment. We assured them that the only true test of this would be if we took it back to Darwin for a trial run!

Upon return to Darwin, we decided that the best way to truly test this new technology would be to give it a six month trial in a real home environment. We chose our good friends Sam and Chiz Harrison as the lucky couple who would get to observe the trial in their own home. We knew how particular Sam and Chiz could be. We were sure that they would pick up on and report any issue, no matter how small, that happened to occur with the E.sybox. However, after the trial was over it became apparent that this was a pump that would impress even the toughest of critics.


“It’s sexy, quiet, responsive, extremely power efficient and reliable. That’s not how you would normally describe a pump!”


With this highly successful trial behind us, we felt secure in offering the product to our customers. In the short period of time since we have released the E.sybox to Think Water Darwin customers, we’ve sold over 20 units and received fantastic feedback.


We have found the real beauty of the E.sybox is that it only uses the power it requires.

Normally, a pump uses 100% of its power every time you turn on water, regardless of whether you are flushing the toilet or running 6 taps.


Now with the E.sybox, if you are running;

One tap: the pump will only use say 25% of the power.

Six taps: it will operate at say 85%

Full flow it will operate at 100%.

However, the added bonus is the pressure will stay the same (capacity permitting)


The E.sybox ensures consistent pressure, saves on power, in turn saving the owner money for the long run.


At Think Water Darwin, we pride ourselves on saving our customers time, money and reducing issues by always offering them the most innovative and effective products on the market.

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