Simple Ways to Save Water

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Water – we all take it for granted. You wake up, turn on the tap – it’s there. You flush the toilet – it’s there. Put on the dishwasher – it’s there.
You get the picture, however it’s time we stopped taking our water usage for granted! We are currently at the tipping point of needing to take a more active role in reducing the amount of water we use.

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Are you living ‘water smart’?


Three quarters of Darwin residents believe that they have an unlimited water supply…


…which means that a majority of us are using and wasting too much water.


Think Water Darwin are working with PowerWater on their “living water smart” initiative. You could be eligible for hundreds of dollars in rebates if you do make changes, so saving water won’t cost you a thing.

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Think Water trials new Grundfos innovation!

Think Water Darwin first discovered the DAB E.sybox upon visiting the Grundfos pump factory in Queensland. The exciting new innovation had just arrived from Italy and the Grundfos team was eagerly testing its capabilities. They had placed the DAB E.sybox into a drum of water that had been heated to 80 degrees Celsius in an effort to see how the pump would withstand an extremely humid environment. We assured them that the only true test of this would be if we took it back to Darwin for a trial run!
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